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The 3 Principles (3Ps)

Change your thoughts to change your life

The Three Principles

Some years ago, I came across a new way of thinking – The Three Principles or 3Ps. I knew then that it was a game changer and, perhaps 20 years ago I would have trained as a coach. I may do so yet! For now, though, I decided to recommend various books to my clients, alongside treatment with Homeopathy and natural remedies, to help them rethink, reframe and manage their thinking about their health problems, to include anxiety, stress and insomnia. The feedback has always been impressive.

At around the same time, I had the opportunity to work with two coaches who delivered the 3Ps in the form of Leadership Programmes on a team or individual basis and, once again, the results were quite something.

So, I would like to introduce you to The Three Principles which were discovered by Sydney Banks in the 1970s. He had an epiphany moment which transformed the psychology and mental health sectors when he realised that the three universal principles to explain the human thought process are:

Sydney Banks and countless others around the world see that we live in an ‘inside out’ world; that we create our reality through our thinking. That we get in our own way because of our faulty thinking, stopping ourselves from being a different version of the person we are, whomever that is for you (e.g. happy, successful, rich, slim or whatever it is that seems to elude you). I would add to that a true sense of freedom.

How the 3Ps can change your life

Any thought or feeling we have, e.g. depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fear or limitation of any type originates as a neutral thought, which creates our feelings about the external issue and triggers our behaviour. To clarify, our reaction is an internal response to a perceived external stressor. As an example, think about the various disaster films over the years, and how they showcase the different responses of the film cast. There are the fighters or leaders, those that freeze in panic, and those that are simply overwhelmed by the experience. The question is:

if the external stressor is the same, what is it that informs our reaction to it?

The 3Ps suggests it is our thinking about the stressor that leads to our response to it, and our behaviour. Think about that for a moment, and then consider that it is our background, life experience to that point, and beliefs that load a neutral thought with a positive or negative connotation.

The great thing is, we can change our thoughts in a heartbeat, when we realise that our thinking is not fact, but neutral. We dress it up accordingly. How refreshing to know, then, that we are in control of our thoughts, and therefore our responses to them. That is liberation in a nutshell.

So why don’t we think like that? I mean, why wouldn’t you?! I suggest that it is education, life experience, parents, authorities, marketeers and society that have conditioned us differently; that it is an ‘outside-in’ world that gives us what we need, makes us happy, makes us well. It is how companies and governments sell to and influence us, ‘…when I have that bigger house, new job, new car, pension, taken that holiday, got that exam, I’ll be happy’. In fact, the complete opposite is true. You have everything you need now to be the best version of the person you are. Period.

The 3Ps is being used globally in just about every industry to include the public sector, hospitals, prisons, councils, education, organisations, individuals, sports and politics. People that know of the 3Ps often talk about living with purpose. Of course, we need to recognise what that purpose is, and it isn’t always the most obvious thing, like money.

3Ps coaches often say to clients, ‘start with the why’. What is important to you? Why do you get out of bed each day? What is it that motivates you? Once we really understand this, it will be the paradigm shift that humans need to be free from self-limiting thinking. For more information about the 3Ps, which is relevant for just about anything ‘out there’ and its perceived threat to us, I recommend:

From a health viewpoint, the medical and pharmaceutical establishment isn’t quite ready for the impact of the 3Ps but it has huge significance to the new health paradigm. And the answer isn’t in digital health or artificial intelligence, but energy medicine which is challenging the foundations of our current medical system. When we realise that nothing ‘out there’ can get us or make us sick; that it is our thinking that creates our experience of our current version of reality; that when we make choices and take back responsibility for our actions and health, we will liberate ourselves from the current restrictive version of reality.

Remember: there is nothing like fear, anxiety and stress to undermine our immune system – fear and uncertainty are the true pandemic of our times.

We have been taught and encouraged to entrust doctors, experts and other authorities for the answers to our problems. But the answers are inside – we’ve just been kept busy and distracted from this innate wisdom. For more reading around how we can develop our intuition, insight, creativity and imagination to create a new world, check out my blog ‘Embrace the Power of the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) – blog.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the 3Ps. They really do shed much needed light and common sense on how we are the captains of our ship, what reality is (and isn’t!) and how we can take control of our lives and how we can improve it.

I would consider the books above (paper versions please, with blue light in mind!) to be essential reading and that would create a watershed moment if we simply changed our thinking.

How does Sleepability help?

The emotions experienced in a dream, or that awaken you during dreams are the key to your emotional healing, and is why sleep and dreams have always formed part of my standard case taking. From this, I choose a remedy to help you gently break the cycle of trauma, PTSD and bad dreams.

By combining the best of practical sleep hygiene tips and homeopathic remedies, I’ve helped hundreds of people with sleep and associated health problems during my 20 years of experience. Expert case taking identifies any causative factors of recurrent dreams and nightmares and is how I arrive at a bespoke remedy. The use of safe, effective natural remedies proven to help symptoms that are similar to those experienced by you are prescribed along with nutritional advice and relaxation techniques. This is a completely different approach to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy: the ‘Roots & Branch’ approach

As a Homeopath, I view symptoms as messengers from the body that something is out of synch, versus being the sole problem. While the named condition is useful, the person experiencing the symptoms is most useful in arriving at a bespoke remedy for that person.

By gently resolving any causative factors, for example, birth complications, trauma and medication, your baby can come off of ‘red alert’ meaning the stress hormones will reduce to restore harmony in your baby’s hormone system, to include Oxytocin, the hormonal security blanket and anchor in his or her new world.

My ‘tools of the trade’ have remained unchanged to those used by Homeopaths for over 200 years: what worked then, works now. I love my Repertory (book of clinical symptoms) and Materia Medica (book of remedies) with which I match my client’s symptoms with the remedy produce similar symptoms in other people.

Some Self-Help Tips

Gut Health. The gut is the biggest producer of the sleep hormone, Melatonin, so keeping your gut healthy is vital to help establish a healthy sleep cycle, to include REM and dreams. Medication – particularly antibiotics – and recreational drugs, adversely affect gut flora. You can read my gut health blog or check out my 15 minute video.

Get Outside. Your body needs the Vitamin D to help create Melatonin, the sleep hormone. Enjoy a change of scenery, fresh air and the sensory delight of being outside.

Lavender Pillow Spray  Lavender is the No.1 essential oil to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. A couple of sprays on your pillow will work wonders to promote sleep. I love and recommend the award winning Neal’s Yard Organic Lavender Pillow Spray. Order from my website here for home delivery and receive a free ‘thank you’ gift from me.

Epsom Salts. These amazing magnesium rich mineral salts promote relaxation at a cellular level. Add a handful of Epsom Salts to a warm (not hot) bath. Soak for 20 minutes. If you don’t have a bath, soak your feet for 20 minutes in a bowl of warm water with 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts. Make this natural, cheap and effective Magnesium-rich remedy is a therapeutic store cupboard essential.

Contact me today for expert guidance and treatment to help restore your sleep naturally, and benefit from your body’s 24-hour, repeat prescription of emotional rescue.

Invest in your rest. Because sleep matters.

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with sleep, why not check out my Top 7 Tips – the journey to natural sleep?

Sleepability acknowledges the safety of your baby is paramount and recommends you update your GP and always seek medical help if you have any concerns. Homeopathic treatment does not replace emergency medical care.

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