The world we live in is becoming an increasingly thick EMF soup and we need to take steps to remain grounded, not least in the wake of 5G. Sleepability loves Groundology, a niche UK company and leader in the field of grounding technology. I have used their grounding mat for a couple of years now and wouldn’t be without it. In recommending Groundology, I do receive a small commission via my affiliate link, but I’m selective who I partner with! Be assured they are a superb company that comply with leading science and research. Learn more here:  Groundology


Sleepablity loves the Natural Dispensary, a great one-stop shop for quality branded supplements and products, all under one roof. I’ve arranged a 10-15% off RRP for Sleepability clients. You can either call them – 01453 757792 – just mention my name and you’ll receive your discount. Or contact me for more details of how to receive your discount for online orders.

Sleepability loves fermented products for gut health! Here’s a link to a fab UK company – Happy Kombucha – that knows all there is to know about fermented products. I am trying to arrange a discount for clients on their website so watch this space! Meanwhile, here’s a link to their website.

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