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Which package is right for me?

Whether insomnia is a recent development, or an all too familiar pattern you’ve fallen into, Sleeability is here to help you achieve your goal of natural sleep.  The Sleepability packages offer three treatment options:

The Sleepability packages have evolved from my work with private and corporate clients over the last 25 years to effectively resolve sleep problems and associated health conditions. 

Each package offers varying durations and levels of support to resolve your sleep problem,  with differing degrees of expert case taking, interim support and individualised treatment plans.  Your bespoke remedies and relaxation techniques are included in the package price.

The S.O.S. (Save our Sleep) option is most popular with individual clients who need a rapid relief from short term insomnia, and are perhaps new to natural therapeutics. 

Simply select the package which best suits your needs and contact me with any queries you may have and to arrange your appointments.  Payment can be made directly through the website or by bank transfer. Consultations are delivered online, video call or in person if you are in the Kent area – or by phone if you prefer.  Your treatment plan will be explained to you, and your remedies will be sent by Royal Mail First Class Signed For delivery service. Special Delivery is an extra £10 per prescription for next day delivery (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays). 

Expert case taking is the key to unlocking your insomnia. Homeopaths learn the art of unbiased observation and listening.  By sharing your story with me in a safe and confidential space, we can get to the root of your insomnia and help you navigate your way back to restful, restorative sleep.

Whatever your job, profession or pastime – whether you’re young or elderly – the Sleepability packages have been designed to help you sleep again – quickly, safely and naturally.   

Be assured that I bring to you advanced case taking skills and expertise to quickly identify potential causative factors of your sleep problem, as well as treatment with safe and effective natural remedies.  No gimmicks, gadgets or apps – just two people working together is all it takes to Recover and Restore your sleep. 

Invest in your rest.  Because sleep matters.

The S.O.S. CONSULTATION is for clients that prefer a PAYG option. Perhaps you are new to Homeopathy and natural remedies and would prefer to book as you need to, rather than purchase a Sleepability package. Of course, you can book as many S.O.S Consultations as you need, but you may consider that a package would help focus in on and offer a longer term solution to your sleep problem. There is a 10% discount for all S.O.S. clients that move across to my Recover or Restore packages. Remedies plus p&p included.

The RECOVER package is a 6 week investment including a 90-minute consultation per fortnight. This package is ideal for clients with chronic insomnia. Poor sleep habits are embedded and require a multi-faceted approach. A unique blend of expert case taking, a gut health review,  relaxation plus bespoke natural remedies gently ease the body off of red alert. 

Relaxation techniques are included to help you manage your sleep problem between appointments. 

The second and third appointments are important to review progress and adapt treatment if necessary to optimise your recovery. 

Includes a sleep-friendly gift.

The RESTORE package is the most comprehensive package and recommended for those who want a deep dive into their sleep problem that has defied other approaches. 

The RESTORE package has all the features of the RECOVER, but then focusses  on the underlying factors (lifestyle, life events and perhaps unresolved trauma).  

A sleep journal will be sent to you prior to the first consultation which we will review at each consultation, as well as assessing the impact of EMR and tech on your sleep, which will be addressed with specialist nutrition, natural remedies, expert sleep tips and relaxation techniques.

Also included is the Sleepability Yoga Meditation for deep relaxation to help you manage your sleep between appointments.

Includes a sleep-friendly gift & journal.


A one-off 60 minute session
£ 75
  • 1 x 60 minute consultation
  • Expert case taking and emergency insomnia remedies
  • Individualised treatment plan
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Natural remedies plus p&p included


A fortnightly 75 minute session over 6 weeks
£ 295
  • 3 x 75 minute consultations
  • Deep dive into causes of your insomnia
  • Gut health review
  • Nutrition review
  • Individualised treatment plan
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Natural remedies and p&p included
  • Sleep friendly gift


A monthly 90 minute session over 3 months
£ 350
  • 3 x 90 Minute Consultations
  • Deep dive into causes of your insomnia
  • Gut Health review
  • Nutrition review & internal hygiene techniques
  • Hormone review
  • Digital Detox & EMR review
  • Relaxation & Nervous System reset techniques
  • Individualised treatment plan
  • The Sleepability Yoga Meditation/Nidra
  • Natural Remedies and p&p included
  • Sleep friendly gift
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Sleepability Vouchers
Do you know someone that would benefit from a Sleepability consultation? Why not treat them to the gift of sleep through one of our vouchers?  For more information, click here.

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To keep you sleeping well, I’d love to send you the latest tips, research and articles on sleep. Invest in your rest. Because sleep matters.

Sleepability offers far more than the latest sleep app, gadget and best wishes! Managing sleep problems is not always as easy as drinking less coffee or downloading a sleep app. In my experience, the underlying cause remains, interfering with the ability to re-establish a healthy sleep schedule.

The Sleepability packages are unique and combine the best of sleep hygiene tips plus safe and effective homeopathic remedies. I also include stress management and relaxation techniques, natural nutrition advice and natural remedies to create your personalised prescription to restore natural sleep. Your lifestyle and medical history are key to understanding the underlying issues that may make you more susceptible to insomnia.

Researchers the world over have identified sleep deprivation as a huge and growing problem. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a host of adverse health conditions, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health conditions and an increased likelihood of accidents.  Recent research has revealed a disturbing link between insomnia and Alzheimer’s. 

Sleeapbility is the culmination of my education, research and 25 years’ practical experience.  Based on sound homeopathic principles and the latest sleep science, I often find the key to insomnia is found in a long forgotten event, thought pattern, belief or trauma. 

Benefit from proven remedies chosen to address your unique experience of sleeplessness.  Together, we will identify the source of your insomnia and bespoke remedies and resources to restore natural, restful sleep. Because the ‘one size fits all’ approach can only ever be a sticky plaster. no one size that fits all.
Invest in your rest.  Because sleep matters.

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