Sleep is One of Three Primary Health Functions

The body has its own, innate intelligence which functions without our consciousness or input, its purpose being to keep us as well as we can be at any given time.

Equally, there is a hierarchy of functions and organs within the body that are protected above all others, even if it means compromise (i.e. disease) elsewhere in the body. These symptoms are often the result of the constant and subtle adjustments made by our body 24/7 to maintain homeostasis (an internal state of balance and optimum function). When we see it this way – that our body is not working against us – it results in a different approach to health and wellbeing.

The three primary health functions are: breathing, hydration and sleep – in that order.

When working with clients, I always address these three functions as part of a treatment plan because when one or all of these are treated, the client’s health improves in important but subtle ways. My focus at SleepabilityTM is, of course, sleep.

It is only now becoming clear to scientists why we actually sleep and what happens during sleep. 1 For certain, it provides a myriad of benefits for our body and brain and sleep is not the enemy, to be avoided – rather, it is our very own free, therapeutic cornucopia, on repeat prescription should we wish to take advantage of it every 24 hours – and why wouldn’t you?

Worryingly, there is a direct link between insomnia, anxiety, depression and more serious mental health problems. 2 With prescriptions for Melatonin at an all time high – c.90,000 in 2019,3 – insomnia has truly reached epidemic levels in UK4, and that was prior to the onset of Covid-19. Of course, sleep medication comes with side effects and may not deal with the underlying cause of your insomnia, creating the need for long term medication. Here at SleepabilityTM, I will work to resolve the underlying issues to bring you a longer term solution.

Contact me today and start your recovery to healthy sleep, naturally. Because sleep matters.


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4 ‘The Wide Awake Club’, Mintel, 2017:

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