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Starting each day after waking from a restful night’s sleep can make a huge difference to all areas of your life. If you are currently having problems getting to sleep at the right time or getting to sleep at all, our experienced sleep consultant can help you to find out what is causing your difficulties and provide you with treatment options that have proven to be effective for others. Virtual 1-to-1 consultations are available to people in all parts of Kent so no matter where you live, you will be able to participate in one of our Sleepability programmes. If you would like to book a programme now, you can do so directly from our website; if you have any questions you’d like to ask first, please feel free to use the contact form whenever you wish.
Working With Our Professional Sleep Consultant in Kent
When you start a programme with our sleep consultant, you can look forward to a journey of discovery that helps you to uncover the real reasons you are finding it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. Rather than giving you a list of general suggestions that may help you to sleep better, we will work with you to identify the cause of your sleeping difficulties so that we can tackle them individually. Using natural remedies that target these specific causes and relaxation techniques that put you in the right frame of mind for sleep, we will help you to overcome your difficulties and enjoy a restorative night’s sleep every day.
A Unique Sleep Consultant in Kent

Our sleep treatment programmes differ to others you may have tried in the past. By targeting specific causes, we can help our clients in Kent to make real progress. General sleep hygiene tips can help some people but they are rarely effective on their own if you are dealing with chronic insomnia. By focusing on what is preventing you from sleeping soundly, we can provide treatment recommendations that are tailored to meet your personal needs. Our virtual 1-to-1 sessions are also far more convenient than face-to-face sessions, especially in the current environment.

If you’re an organisation, and would like to work with Sleepability as part of your Employee Health & Wellbeing Programme, please see my Corporate page. 

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