Professional Sleep Consultant in Brighton
Working with our specialist sleep consultant, you can learn why you are experiencing sleeping difficulties and find safe, effective treatment options that will help you to overcome insomnia for good. Many sleep treatment programmes in Brighton focus purely on relaxation techniques and good sleep hygiene but we tackle insomnia on a case by case basis. Whilst relaxation techniques and sleep hygiene may still form part of your treatment plan, the programme you follow will be focused on finding out why you, as an individual, are battling insomnia and what can be done to treat the root causes of your sleeping issues. We find this approach to be far more effective as it ensures that the unique factors causing your insomnia are addressed.
One-to-One Virtual Sessions with a Sleep Consultant in Brighton
One of the biggest roadblocks as far as treatment for insomnia is concerned can be a lack of time to seek professional help. Fortunately, with our virtual one-to-one sessions, you have no need to travel to a clinic. Each session is conducted online, which means you could have a consultation at home or during your lunch break at work: your sessions can be arranged whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you to have them. We find that virtual sessions fit in much better with our Brighton clients’ lifestyles than face-to-face consultations.
What You Can Expect From Your Sleep Consultant in Brighton

Once you have booked a programme, you can expect to follow the steps below:

  • Completing a Questionnaire – By completing a medical questionnaire before your first consultation, you will help your sleep consultant to home in on the most likely causes of your insomnia.
  • Discussing Your Personal Issues in a Safe Environment – Not all cases of insomnia can be traced to obvious medical problems, which is why it is important for you to feel free to share your own life story with your consultant.
  • Effective Natural Remedies – Having identified the most likely causes of your insomnia, your consultant will choose natural remedies that can address these issues.

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