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There’s so much more to the wonderful herb, Sage, than stuffing your turkey with Paxo!

The Plant

Salvia Officianlis, or Sage as it is better known, is a member of the mint family and is evergreen, with lovely grey-green and slightly furry leaves. When crushed, the leaves yield their familiar scent. It grows easily in your garden to the space you give it and even though it is Mediterranean in origin, it is quite hardy and immune to the British winter months. It thrives in a sunny spot and is quite happy in poor soil.

Sage and Wisdom

A Sage is a person who is distinguished for their wisdom and good judgment. A person becomes sage through reflection and experience. The flower essence of Sage helps a person to draw wisdom from their life experiences and see life from a higher perspective. If someone needs help with this they might benefit from taking garden sage, Salvia officinalis, as an herb or a flower essence. 1

The Herb

Traditionally, it has been used as a herb to support wellbeing and to flavour food. It was used by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for its medicinal uses, as well as in love potions, anti-ageing and culinary uses, including seasoning meats and cheese.

Today, Sage is more commonly used as:

a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory

a leading natural treatment for colds and flu, especially as a herbal tea

a gargle for sore throats and general throat health. Ensure you consult with a qualified Herbalist and let your GP know of any changes or additions to your medication. See references below for a herbal tea recipe.

a natural remedy to relieve menopausal hot flushes – I swear by it! Sleepability recommends A Vogel organic Sage brand for its quality and provenance. You can order via The Natural Dispensary with whom I have arranged a discount of 10-15% for clients. here Contact me for details on how to order.

Neal’s Yard Remedies started life as herbalists and they still include Sage in many products for aroma and herbal qualities, to include essential oils and the winter warming Ginger & Juniper Warming Massage Oil – see my Neal’s Yard shop here.

Medical science is researching it’s many properties for potential use in Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes. (3,4)

So, wise up to the health benefits of Sage, especially at this time of year.

Caution: if you are on antidepressant medication, please consult your local herbalist for expert advice. Some herbal remedies can interact with antidepressant medication (because they are effective!) Most proprietary herbal supplements and teas are very low dose but please do

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Invest in your rest.

Because sleep matters.


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