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Rosehips – Why Rosehips are really hip!

There’s far more to Rosehips than you might first think. As you’ll see below, there are host of amazing benefits to this common plant. I recall being given this in my early years as a syrup, most likely for tummy troubles or post illness as a tonic. I certainly remember the pleasant, warming taste. It was once a staple of the family medical cabinet, but that was before the pharmaceutical industry started promoting their own synthetically produced drugs (albeit loosely based on traditional remedies). That’s because you can’t patent (i.e. commercialise) natural remedies. Of course, their marketing and advertising budgets dwarf that of herbalists, homeopaths and other natural practitioners. Here’s a reminder from the very wise Hippocrates, ‘…foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients.’

What are Rosehips?

Rosehips are the accessory fruit of the Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) bush. The berry like fruits are typically fiery red and orange in colour. They form after the successful pollination of the flowers and ripen in late summer. See below a photo I took earlier this week, with the first hips forming.

Antioxidant Properties

Rosehips are one of the best sources of freely available Vitamin C, so much so that during World War II, UK families were encouraged to grow Rosehips to support wellness during times when food, especially fruits, were in short supply.

Rosehips are sleep-friendly too!

The high Vitamin C content in the hips means it can induce sleep by calming the nervous system to promote sleep. Recreational and prescription drug users also relieve drug-induced insomnia with Rosehips MDMA. Vitamin C is also a precursor of the production of natural antidepressant neurotransmitters (e.g. Serotonin) so is an important herb to improve and maintain mental health.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know of my holy trinity: gut health = sleep = immunity. Added to that, the bidirectional link between sleep and mental health, anything that helps you sleep will help your mental health.

Other Uses

Rosehips is known as a gentle laxative and is a traditional remedy used to help with colic and reflux in babies. It also has been used to relieve the pain of arthritis as well as a general Springtime tonic for debility and exhaustion. It is known to help acne and rosacea owing to its natural astringent and high Vitamin C levels.

How to get your Rosehips fix

Herbal teas are a safe and pleasant way to introduce Rosehips into your daily routine. One or two cups daily would be great. Rosehip supplements are also an easy way to top up on the benefits of Rosehips.

Check out the excellent Natural Dispensary – an online shop packed full with an impressive range of branded natural health products and supplements. Place your order through me and I’ll send you a link through which you can pay and get delivery direct to your door. As a thank you from me, you’ll receive 15% off RRP.

Caution: if you are on antidepressant medication, please consult your local herbalist for expert advice. Some herbal remedies can interact with antidepressant medication (because they are effective!) Most proprietary herbal supplements and teas are very low dose but please do

Neal’s Yard Remedies

These wonder-berries were the inspiration behind Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Collection, with rosehip seed oil being the key ingredient in the ever popular and award winning ‘One Pot Wonder’, Wild Rose Beauty Balm.

As you’d expect from Neal’s Yard, sustainability is at the core of all of their products, and are proud to have been working with a local community in Svrljib, Serbia, since 2016. The hips are known to boost skin radiance and are prized as top skincare and beauty product. During harvest time (September to November), the hips are picked and, because they are an integral part of village life, they are transformed into delicious teas, jams, jellies and wines to be enjoyed in all its forms. Note: the hips are not edible directly from the plant.

This care and commitment continues at the Neal’s Yard eco-factory in Dorset, UK, where the Wild Rose Collection is created and brought to you. Be assured that Neal’s Yard products embrace provenance, sustainability and ethical trade.

Make the switch to Neal’s Yard organic beauty and skincare products and start the positive ripple effect that sustainable and ethical goods create.

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