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Before I became a sleep coach and devised my natural sleep programmes for insomnia, I spent years working in The City, where pressure is intense and unrelenting. Four hours of sleep per night was the norm, but it was not a norm with a future. While dealing with my own work-related sleep problems I came to understand I was not the only one suffering from poor sleep, struggling to stay alert. People from all walks of life and all professions are under enormous pressure to deliver these days, and many are having difficulty falling asleep as a result. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Includes 1 session pw x 3 weeks
£ 180
  • Emergency relief for insomnia and anxiety
  • 45 Minute Consultation to include medical history (questionnaire to be completed prior to consultation)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Natural remedies plus p&p included


Includes 1 session pm x 3 months
£ 350
  • 60 Minute Consultation to include medical history
    (questionnaire to be completed prior to consultation)
  • Medical Test: Blood Group
  • Explore the underlying issues which have led to your unique symptoms
  • Individualised treatment plan
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Nutrition MOT (food diary to be completed prior to consultation)
  • Natural remedies plus p&p included


Includes 1 session pm x 3 months
£ 500
  • 90 Minute Consultation to include medical history
    (questionnaire to be completed prior to consultation)
  • Medical tests: Blood Group and Sleep Hormone levels
  • Explore the underlying issues which have led to your unique symptoms
  • Bespoke treatment plan
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Bespoke nutrition advice
  • Digital Detox Tips
  • Podcast: The Sleepability Yoga Meditation
  • Ongoing support throughout the Restore Programme
  • Natural Remedies plus p&p included

More Than Sleep Tips; Sleep Coaching

Researchers the world over have identified sleep deprivation as a huge and growing problem. Insufficient sleep has been linked to a rash of negative health outcomes, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and an increased likelihood of accidents. Dealing with sleep problems is not always as easy as drinking less coffee or downloading a sleep app. In most cases, the underlying cause remains, interfering with the ability to re-establish a healthy sleep schedule.

I understand only too well the importance of a good night of sleep and how sleeplessness affects performance, judgement, personal relationships, and overall health. The programmes I have devised are the result of years of research and discovery and are based on sound homeopathic and scientific principles. I offer more than just a smartphone app and best wishes. My programmes are serious, evidence-based therapy crafted to address different aspects and levels of sleep dysfunction.

As a professional sleep coach, my job is to help you transcend your current sleepless predicament. Whether you are bothered by disrupted bedtime routines, the blue light blues, circadian rhythm issues, or something else, we work together to identify the source of the problem, then I provide the tools necessary to restore restful sleep.

A Safer, More Effective Way to Alleviate Sleep Problems

Mainstream medicine often takes a pharmaceutical approach to insomnia. But, in my experience, that course of action is often ill-advised and may, in fact, turn out to be dangerous to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. The natural sleep programmes I have devised are a safer, more holistic type of sleep medicine. Homeopathic principles, natural nutrition, stress management, and other proven techniques are employed to restore internal tranquillity and promote sleep quality. I also take a look at your medical history and explore some of the underlying issues that may negatively affect sleep or your sleeping pattern.

We live in trying times. Many people lie awake at night wondering how the future will unfold for them and their children. Many others are beset by work or health issues that elevate their stress levels and make it impossible for them to unwind before laying down to sleep. The important thing to know is that sleeplessness is rarely something that emerges suddenly out of nowhere. It has roots in real-world experiences, situations, and lifestyle choices. By examining those in a safe and non-judgemental way, and then implementing the therapies recommended in my sleep programmes, you will find a path out of insomnia, back toward restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Natural Sleep Programmes for Insomnia

Whether in sport, business, or sleep every coach needs to devise and implement a programme or programmes that will empower those being coached to achieve their goals. To that end. I have devised three natural sleep programmes for insomnia that enable me to help individuals experiencing different levels of sleep dysfunction. Let’s take a look at my three sleep programmes now.

The Recover Programme

The Recover Programme is designed to provide emergency relief for those suffering from insomnia. Before we engage in our first consultation you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding your medical history. Often, insomnia is related to an underlying health issue, so it is useful to start there. And not to worry, all information is kept strictly confidential.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, a 45-minute consultation follows wherein we review the medical history questionnaire and discuss its implications on your current situation, if any. We will also discuss relaxation techniques. The goal is to get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and provide some sleep tips that will promote falling asleep.

The Recover Programme is three weeks in duration with one in-person session per week where we will review progress and apply any necessary tweaks to enhance programme effectiveness.

The Reconnect Programme

The Reconnect Programme is more intensive therapy that steps back and takes a big picture look at your situation. It is more involved than the Recover programme, with an eye on providing long-term, sustainable results to vexing sleep conditions. (Some people use the Reconnect programme as a follow up to the Recover programme.) As with the Recover Programme, you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire before the first consultation.

Once the confidential questionnaire is complete we will engage in a 60-minute session wherein we review the questionnaire results before moving on to discuss other aspects of the Reconnect programme. Those ‘other aspects’ of the Reconnect Programme include blood grouping, relaxation techniques, review of your food diary (completed before the first consultation), and the creation of an individualised treatment plan.

The Reconnect Programme covers three months with a one-hour in-person session each month to review progress and make any necessary adjustments. Many of my clients find that the Reconnect Programme improves sleep long-term and helps alleviate pent up anxiety.

The Restore Programme

The Restore Programme is my most comprehensive healthy sleep programme and is recommended for those with long-standing sleep issues that may have defied other solutions. The Restore Programme uses the Reconnect Programme as a starting point, then takes a deeper dive into some aspects of that programme, while adding unique features designed to root out those things that disrupt sleep.

I expand on the relaxation techniques taught during Reconnect. Together, we look more closely at the role of nutrition both in potentially causing sleep difficulties, and in potentially treating them. We examine your sleep hormone levels, review your medical questionnaire, introduce Sleepability Yoga Meditation and learn how to make the most of it. The Restore Programme also includes ongoing support throughout its three-month duration and may include the prescribing of natural remedies in certain cases. If you have been beset by chronic or recurring insomnia, the Restore Programme should help.

Natural Sleep Programmes for Insomnia Work

Each Programme is a fully inclusive package which offers you differing lengths and levels of expert case taking and individualised treatment plan.  Your natural remedies and relaxation techniques are included in all the Programmes. 

Simply select which Programme best suits your needs and purchase in advance online. Upon receipt of your booking, I will contact you to arrange your appointments.  If you prefer, you can contact me by email and we can arrange your appointments and payment by bank transfer.  Consultations are delivered online – or by phone if you prefer – and natural remedies are delivered by 1st class post. All Programmes include your 3 consultations natural remedies and p&p.  I look forward to working with you.

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