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EMR & Digital Detox

We live in a brightly lit, wirelessly connected world that keeps us stimulated and awake longer than our ancestors would have dreamt possible. Edison commercialised Nikola Tesla’s knowledge to bring electricity to the masses, since when our lives have changed drastically. 

While our instantaneous, wireless world keeps us digitally ‘connected’, pandemic levels of insomnia, mental health and loneliness are plaguing the world. Insomnia has been identified by researchers as a massive growth and investment area for the foreseeable future. Cutting edge sleep research confirms that LED/blue light cuts the sleep hormone melatonin by 50%.

While the cool and funky answer would seem to be to invest in blue glasses to cut the blue light, they do not reduce EMR (electromagnetic radiation) being emitted by your tech which interfere with our brainwaves, to include those associated with sleep. It’s just another example of creating the problem, and providing a commercial ‘solution’. Have you noticed all the sleep and tech adverts on TV? That’s because there’s a direct link between the two. ‘I love this graphic used for my Instagram campaign, the Sleep Mythbusters.

EMR & Digital Detox

Progress comes with pros and cons and while I don’t suggest we go back to living in caves, I think steps taken to reduce the effect of the EMR produced by our instantaneous world, makes perfect sense. 

5g Electromagnetic Radiation

The biggest threat to everyone’s health – including animals and plant life – is electromagnetic radiation emitted by 5g technology, the infrastructure for which began to be rolled out while the world was absorbed in the Covid narrative. Here’s some of infrastructure becoming an all-too familiar sight. Ugly isn’t it? These photos are my own, taken at recent EMF surveys around Thanet, Kent. 

EMR & Digital Detox - 5G masts

Despite the cries of techies that 5g is safe, that it’ll be great, you’ll get better internet speeds, there is a huge body of evidence gathered over 30-40 years that the safety of 5g microwave radiation is to be established. This is why the renowned human rights barrister, Michael Mansfield QC took the UK Government to court in early February 2023. At time of writing, we await a judgment.

Did you know that government is NOT looking at the health evidence?

Government has green-lighted rapid rollout of this technology via the councils who are NOT consulting with residents directly. Councils rely on residents passing by a minimal notice campaign or consulting the planning portal.

Unchallenged, these structures appear overnight to residents’ suprise. I know, because I am working with the National Residents Association – NRA to raise awareness of and object to rollout of unsafe and untested technology until we know the effects. Government does know, it is simply not taking it into consideration. 

The 5g frequency does not travel far – 25m – so it needs 5g nodes/transmitters to carry the frequency, to create the SMART grid. See below the 5g nodes/antennae installed on top of LED streetlights. No, they’re not timers! (Remember that LED light cuts melatonin levels by 50%!)

Yes, we are bathing in a very thick soup of electromagnetic radiation. That’s why we need to take steps to minimise the effects because it is cumulative. There are many ways that EMR affects us, as you’ll see in this graphic, most notably tinnitus, insomnia, breathing problems, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, nosebleeds, heart problems. 

Frequency of radiation symptoms. EMR & Digital Detox.

So what can we do about it?

Ditch the tech! I know it’s hard, but it is making us sick. The marketing is slick, but we do not need 5g, really we don’t. We already have all the connectivity we need. Working from home proved that. As you’ll see below, there are other drivers for the rollout of 5g.

De-SMART your life and home. Out with SMART meters, TVs, Alexa and friends, phones, fridges, wearables, ear buds, beds, etc. The constant EMR emitted will disturb your sleep and, in turn, undermine your immunity and mental health. 

Sleepability Top Tips

Homeopathy. I have specialist and polychrest remedies to minimise your EMF load. Contact me for details.

Gut Health. Everything starts with the gut – it is the seat of our immunity and is adversely affected by EMR. Work on your gut health and book in with me for some homeopathic probiotics to restore gut health. Blog.

Switch off your tech & router. Turn all tech off fully when not in use. That does not mean standby or sleep mode. Shut down your tech after 9pm and enjoy some downtime to prepare for sleep. And no tech in the bedroom please – it interferes with your sleep brainwaves.

Grounding. Treat yourself to an Epsom Salts bath or foot soak weekly to help discharge EMR levels. Use grounding technology. I wouldn’t be without my grounding mats! Groundology

Protect your Home. I use Geoclense Home Harmoniser  Geoclense. I also recommend a Shungite pyramid in every room. The quality and source is important and I buy from https://www.shungiteuk.co.uk/

Hydration. The simplest way to flush your body of its cumalative toxic load. Be careful not to over hydrate but aim for at least 1 litre per day. Filtered is best to keep your water as fresh and natural as possible.

Support your Pineal Gland. Seated deep inside your braiin is the small but super- powered Pineal Gland. A clear pineal gland will help your sleep, your imunity and mental health, and build resilience, immunity and inner strength. Blog

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