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Welcome to Sleepability – the natural sleep clinic

I’m Felicia, professional Homeopath and natural sleep expert. Thank you for visiting my page. 

Prior to becoming a natural sleep expert, I worked (and played!) hard in the City, in some of the most demanding sectors (derivatives, law and recruitment). I experienced the shock of redundancy early in my career which led to the pursuit of remaining as employable as possible.  

I built a career and reputation in delivering on commercial deadlines, and I know what the bottom line means. All was well for years, except, increasingly, I couldn’t switch off, and I couldn’t sleep.  I got used to functioning well on 6 hours’ sleep per night, but of course, I was living on stress hormones. 

At some level, I knew it was unsustainable and was having massage for stress management, and that was the turning point: I qualified in Holistic Massage and truly loved my work but, increasingly, I could see that it didn’t fix clients’ underlying health conditions. 

It was then that I experienced Homeopathy, as a last result really – so often the case! – and which fixed a minor but chronic health problem. Intrigue led to attending an open day at the College of Practical Homeopathy, London, which led to a Degree in Homeopathy, since when, I haven’t looked back. It was as though a light went on, which has remained glowing ever since, and that was over 25 years ago.  To this day, Homeopathy never ceases to amaze me.

Along the way, I added diplomas in Stress Management and Natural Nutrition, so that I could offer clients a complete package. I continue to update my knowledge with regular CPD courses and webinars. 

I have enjoyed a varied and rewarding career in natural health, to include a brief spell in a cruise ship spa, establishing a successful City-based inhouse practice, plus private practices in Kent for my local clients. 

Sleepability is the culmination of 25 years’ experience in restoring sleep, using gentle, individualised natural remedies.

Find out how the Sleepability packages can help restore your sleep, naturally. 

What is sleep coaching?

Have you fallen for the slick marketing, promoting the latest app or gadget promising to resolve sleep, only to find it didn’t really help? Sadly, while they’re great at providing data, they do not necessarily help you sleep. This is because the electromagnetic radiation emitted from wearables and the numerous apps on your Smart gadgets, interfere with the sleep brainwaves!

The next step for many would be to speak to a GP, who will offer one of two things:

(i) sleep hygiene – a series of practical tips to set the scene for sleep – but which the research proves is not enough for the vast majority of people. blog

(ii) sleep medication. Sleep researchers have flagged up serious adverse effects of medication, even in short term use. Your GP should consider these as a last resort.

Why not work with a sleep coach? It can be a more cost-effective and tailored solution for your unique experience of insomnia, to bring long term results by treating the root cause of your insomnia – not just the symptoms. 

As the natural sleep expert, I have worked with countless people over 25 years with all types of sleep problems.  Extensive research and expert case taking skills enable me to get to the underlying cause(s) of your sleeplessness. 

Sleepability does what it says on the box: enables you to sleep again. No tech, gadgets or gimmicks – just two people working together to identify the root cause of your insomnia, and using safe, effective, homeopathic and natural remedies to restore sleep, naturally.

Know that when you choose to work with me, you will be working with an experienced and professional homeopath, with over 25 years’ of expertise in what’s keeping you awake. 

Make today the day you say goodnight to insomnia.

The roots & branch approach to resolving insomnia

A sleeping pill may seem like the quick fix that takes away the despair of insomnia.  And sometimes it may be a lifeline.  The exhaustion of sleeplessness is like no other and is why sleep deprivation was used as a form of torture.  However, the magic bullet does nothing to address the underlying cause of your insomnia.

My unique roots & branch approach to resolving insomnia identifies what is keeping you awake, and the use of effective, bespoke treatment plans will help you achieve and maintain restorative sleep. This ensures the underlying cause of your sleeplessness is addressed to provide a longer term solution, rather than treating the obvious symptoms, which can only ever be a sticky-plaster approach.

Sleep coaching with Sleepability involves expert case taking, stress management techniques, nutritional advice, homeopathic and natural remedies – a unique skillset acquired over 25 years of working with clients.   Natural remedies ease your body off of ‘red alert’ – your body’s response to the stress hormones created by sleep disturbances.  Insomnia and stress hormones are close bed friends.  Did you know your body experiences sleep deprivation as a trauma and produces stress hormones?  This catch-22 sets up a cycle that is very difficult to break, even more so as you are exhausted.  This is why my roots & branch approach is so effective.  

Whether you are an executive, an athlete, a key worker, a night shift worker, a parent struggling with a newborn baby, or juggling career and family in uncertain times, don’t be a slave to sleeplessness.  

Take the first step today to regain control of your life using the unique Sleepability packages.  Together we’ll work to restore your sleep, naturally.

If you would like to work with Sleepability as part of an Employee Health & Wellbeing Programme, please see my Workplace page. 

Research confirms that healthy sleep is good for your employees and, in turn, your business. 

Invest in your team’s rest.  Because sleep matters .

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