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Each programme offers differing levels of access to natural alternatives for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Packages are purchased online. Consultations are delivered by Zoom and natural remedies delivered by post. All packages include natural remedies plus p&p.

I’ve been where you are now. Prior to becoming the natural sleep expert, I worked hard (and played!) in the City. I constantly delivered on very real commercial deadlines. I know what the bottom line means. And all was well, except I couldn’t switch off.

And I couldn’t sleep. I figured I was one of those who could thrive on 4-5 hours sleep, and do it all again the next day.

Introducing the S.O.S Consultation

I have had several enquiries from clients who would like a PAYG option, so from today, I am adding a new consultation option. 

The S.O.S Consultation is for clients who want to treat their sleep problem and prefer a PAYG arrangement, rather than the upfront SleepBundle packages.  You can book as many S.O.S. Consultations as you need and perhaps, further down the line, you would like to consider investing in regular health & wellbeing MOTs.  Enjoy a 10% discount when you go on to invest in any of the SleepBundle packages.  
£80 for 1 hour to include bespoke remedies and p&p.

Help yourself and help others too.  Sleepability donates 10% from all bookings to Rethink mental health charity

Invest in your rest. Because sleep matters.

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