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Stop Press! Latest Research

In the first study of its kind, a link has been made between gut health and the severity of Covid-19. 

The observational research suggests specific microbial patterns correlate with disease severity and those bacterial imbalances may account for some cases of ‘long Covid”. article

Book your appointment now and manage your sleep and immune system with natural remedies, to include homeopathic Melatonin.

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Because sleep matters.

Why Choose Sleepability?

I’ve been where you are now. Prior to working as a natural health practitioner, I worked hard (and played!) in the City. I have experience in some of the most demanding sectors – recruitment, derivatives, law and banking. I experienced redundancy early in my career and upskilled myself to remain as employable as possible. I constantly delivered on very real commercial deadlines. I know what the bottom line means. And all was well, except I couldn’t switch off.

And I couldn’t sleep. I was one of those who thought they thrived on 4 hours sleep per night, would get up, and do it all again the next day.

Of course, it was unsustainable and at some level, I knew I was on the wrong track. I tried complementary therapies for stress management and quickly experienced the improvement in my stress levels. And that was the turning point: I qualified in Holistic Massage, followed by Homeopathy, Stress Management and Natural Nutrition. I engage in regular CPD to refresh and update my skillset..

Since then, I have enjoyed a varied career in natural health and wellbeing, to include a brief spell on a cruise ship spa, establishing and developing in-house corporate and private practices.

Let me help you regain control of your life today using the unique Sleepability programmes – together we’ll work to restore your sleep, naturally.

Because sleep matters.

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Because sleep matters.
The Programmes

Each programme offers differing levels of access to natural alternatives for insomnia
and other sleep disorders. Packages are purchased online. Consultations are
delivered by Zoom and natural remedies delivered by post. All packages include natural remedies plus p&p.


Includes 1 session pw x 3 weeks
£ 180
  • Emergency Relief for Insomnia


Includes 1 session pm x 3 months
£ 350
  • Get to the underlying causes of your insomnia for the long-term solution


Includes 1 session pm x 3 months
£ 500
  • The complete, fully inclusive solution to your insomnia
'Sleep Talk'

Why not book a free 20-minute ‘Sleep Talk’ call,

To find out how Sleepability can help you.

Because sleep matters.


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